Relationship focused, customer driven

Relationship focused, customer driven


Why Judo?


Every business is unique and should be treated that way. Relationship lending as it used to it should be.

Certainty and Speed

Deal directly with the decision maker. One to approve and two to decline a loan. Decisions in less than 5 days.

Trust and Transparency

Purpose built solely for SMEs from a blank piece of paper through the eyes of a customer.

Our promise

Every component of Judo has been carefully designed to provide the leading proposition to Australian SMEs. Our relationship focused, customer driven model combines tradition with innovation and a commitment to delivering quality service.

And when it comes to making the important decisions, it takes only one of our relationship managers to give you the go-ahead but it takes two to say no.

Free from the legacies of the industry, our best in breed relationship managers and broker partners share a deep knowledge and passion for the SME economy in Australia.

Our lending decisions are judgement based using the four C's of SME Banking - the character of the people involved, the cashflow of the business, the capital already in the business, and the collateral to be held against a loan.

Smaller portfolios mean we can prioritise time spent with customers.

Our pricing is completely transparent and there are no unexpected fees.

With a philosophy of credit decisions made within just five business days.

We use the latest technology to enhance our service, not replace it.

Funding solutions tailored for SMEs

The Judo product suite has been tailored to support the needs of our customers and their business financing requirements.

Judo provides flexible business loans, lines of credit, equipment loans and finance leases. We are continually expanding our product range to ensure our customers have access to exactly what’s right for them.


Business loan

A term facility repayable over an agreed period of time

• Flexible repayment frequency
• Fixed and Variable interest options
• Interest only term available

Line of credit

A facility allowing the drawing up to the approved limit

• A flexible source of funds
• No scheduled repayments
• Variable Rate

Equipment loan

A facility to assist funding of business equipment or vehicle purchases where a charge is taken over the asset

• Flexible repayment frequency
• Balloon option available
• Tax benefits – may be able to claim depreciation and interest charges

Finance lease

A facility to assist funding of business equipment or vehicle purchases on a lease arrangement

• Flexible repayment frequency
• Residual value in line with effective life of asset
• Tax benefits – may be able to claim repayments

The above information is only a snap shot of our core products.
Please contact us at Judo for more information and to enable us to understand your needs so that we can work out what’s right for you.